Shah Ratanshi Khimji & Co.

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As Indian agriculture is in transition phase i.e. from Table use to Processing.

We have major advantage – as we have our own backward linkage.

• The promoters are having three generation relations with farmers families in the area.
• We educate the farmers with the latest food safety standards like residues, traces of heavy metals and organic farming practices.
• We are trying for the complete traceability.
• Within two years we have complete control on seeds, pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers.
• We will implement the contract farming exercise shortly.
• We are conducting agriculture extension programs for our farmers.

RK is having relations with the farmers from all turmeric producing states for last three – four generations.
• RK is having own agents cum representatives at major turmeric cultivation areas.
• Good contacts with farmers nearby Sangli 
• RK is working with farmers club in the catchment area.
• Family relations with farmer community can give us traceability.
• Any variety turmeric bulbs and quantity can be made available with the farmers co-operation.

RK is pioneer in process development work and modern manufacturing practices methods in Sangli area.
This is because of the continuous research and development work going on.
RK had successfully developed the high curcumin content turmeric powder from raw turmeric bulbs.

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