Shah Ratanshi Khimji & Co.

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The Administrative Structure of RK is as follows:-
  • Chairman– overall business responsibility.
  • CEO– day to day business operations and performance.
  • CFO– Finance and Accounting.
  • Director Procurement– Purchasing the Agro Produce from farmers and Auctions .
  • Factory Manager– All Processing activities and handling all team-related processing and Quality Check/Control.
  • Director Business Development- Marketing and Sales supported by field staff and back office staff.
  • Administrative Staff– General Administration and HR.
  • In this Pyramid RK is adding the post of Agriculture officer and Research and Process Development Expert.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Management System

  • HR Practices & Policies

  • Family Members

  • Staff

  • We have a framework for establishing and reviewing objectives. We define responsibility and authority, assign responsibility for quality and provide authority to stop production in case of NC.
  • All elements of Quality System and Customer Satisfaction.
  • We have competent personnel for work affecting quality.
  • We define competency level for each Job.
  • We also provide training and evaluate effectiveness and ensure to be skilled in applicable tools.
  • We maintain confidentiality to customer contracted products.
  • The purchased material used in the products– to comply with all Government Safety, Health and Environmental Regulations.
  • Customer approved sources– Purchase from customer approved sources, if part of contract.
  • Storage and Inventory: Periodically assess the condition of the stock and the use Inventory Management System to optimize inventory levels.
  • The Management identifies about the level of education, training, skills and experience of its personnel for handling different functional positions on the basis of job description and responsibility.
  • The management undertakes to identify training needs of each individual.
  • Ensure awareness among our employees responsible for monitoring , corrections & corrective actions.
  • Care is taken for proper segregation of different operating departments to prevent cross contamination.
Family Members at key positions
  • Mr. Sharad Manekji Shah- grandson of Late Ratanshi, is the present Chairperson of RK. A young dynamic entrepreneur directing its firm, a benchmark in the Indian spices industry, towards the global market.
  • Mr. L. D. Shah the present Partner and an able Finance Manager of SRKC.
  • Mr. Vijay M. Shah - Incharge - Administration.
  • Mr. Hardik Shah- Son of Mr Sharad Shah is the most enthusiastic, young & intelligent personel- Present Director Business Development and Incharge of Sales & Production.
  • Mr. Milan Shah- Incharge of Purchase.

Experienced Staff of above 30 years
  • We have working staff from last 30 years with us who are skilled and have a large experience in the field of Spices and Raisins.
  • The perseverance towards quality and business ethics and the untiring efforts of each staff member has enabled our passion to last in the business and keep it flourishing for years.

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