Shah Ratanshi Khimji & Co.

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  • RMS

  • Destoning

  • Polishing

  • Pulverising

  • Metal Detection

  • Quality Check

  • P&S

RMS- Raw Material Storage
We procure raw materials (Turmeric) either from the local mandis or directly from the farmers contracted by us for organic or bio-dynamic farming. The preliminary process of raw material begins with pre-cleaning process.
In the pre-cleaning process, the turmeric fingers are checked & ensured by our experts that they are free from any harmful insects or pests & are grade before entering into any further processes. Then, after this pre-cleaning process, the destoner plays the function of extricating or separating if there is any metal trash or any other type of stones from the Turmeric fingers. This is done by means of air and the difference of density between them. It yields maximum returns. Then the Turmeric fingers are graded by our experts manually and are sent for the further process.

There is a separate department for polishing the turmeric fingers. In this method, all the turmeric fingers are kept in one drum then they are rolled 5 to 6 hours continuously. Due to this rolling process, there is a friction between the Turmeric fingers and thus they get needed shine and also become ash-free. The capacity of one drum is 11 quintal.
turmeric-pulverizers After polishing of Turmeric fingers, they are sent for the grinding process. Machines are setup to carry out this process. These machines are called Pulverizers. The capacity of production is 8 tons within 20 hours/day.
Metal Detector is used to maintain the quality and hygiene norms of the product even at the final stages of production besides speeding up operations. This phase of product processing and cleaning gives the assurance that the product does not contain any metal particle, which can be hazardous.
The Laboratory tests ascertain the presence of pests, micro organisms, pesticide residues, etc. in the turmeric powder by a trained staff that follows ASTA methods for analysis.
The analysis is done by the following 4 steps:-
  1. Physical Analysis,
  2. Chemical Analysis.
  3. Micro Organisms Analysis &
  4. Pesticide Residue Analysis.
P&S- Packaging and Storage
Packaging is done either by automatic packing machine or manually depending on the characteristic of the product. The packing material conforms to the statutory requirements of food products and is in accordance with the specifications with the regulatory bodies such as Indian Institute of Packaging and Spices Board India. We have hi-tech packaging machines installed at our unit which enable us to provide the best quality packing with minimal time consumption.
Powder is stored in tanks then weighed, packing in different size, as per the customer requirements like 10kg bags, 25 kg bags, 50kg bags, etc. Generally, jute bags are used for packing the Turmeric powder. Gunny bags are used for packing turmeric fingers.

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