Shah Ratanshi Khimji & Co.

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10000 sq. ft. 3 warehouses (Owned) and Cold storages, Pits and Other Government and Private warehouses in the nearby area can be hired as per requirement. The seed rhizomes are selected free from insect pest and diseases.
The seed material is harvested in dry weather and stored in a pit of 1 metre deep and 0.5 metre wide in size. The seed rhizomes are dried in shade before storing. The bottom of pit should be filled with 20 cm dry sand and 10 cm perfectly dried grasses
before filling the seed rhizomes. The filled pits should be covered with dried grasses and dry sand at top. The pits should be under shade or under thatched roof to protect the rhizomes from rain and water etc.

The following are the images of Raw material storage of Turmeric in the natural pits:-
Click on the images to zoom
raw-turmeric-storage-natural-pit-1-thumbs raw-turmeric-storage-natural-pit-2-thumbs raw-turmeric-storage-natural-pit-3-thumbs raw-turmeric-storage-natural-pit-4-thumbs
raw-turmeric-storage-natural-pit-5-thumbs raw-turmeric-storage-natural-pit-6-thumbs
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